evan cunningham

composition | production

The AM Archives, Podcast (2019)   |   Composer

Daniel Brouns, Boy’s Normal (2018)   |   Production, Mix, Keys, Drums

MAJKEN, MAJKEN (2018)   |   Production, Write, Mix

Far Places, Out of Touch EP (2018)   |   Production, Write, Mix

The Bright Sessions Cast, Episode 50 Cast Recording (2018)   |   Production, Orchestrate, Write, Mix

Joseph Aaron, Courage Dear Heart (2018)   |   Production, Write, Mix, Drums

The Bright Sessions, Podcast Seasons 3-4 (2017-2018)   |   Composer

Far Places, In My Head (2017)   |   Production, Write, Mix

Armon, Heat N High (2017)   |   Write

Roostz, One Hand in the Fire (2016)   |   Write

Joseph Aaron, The Mountain, the Lion, and the Labrador (2014)   |   Write

Joseph Holt, The God of the Sea and the Sea Monster (2014)   |   Perc, Keys

The Hill and Wood, The Hill and Wood (2011)   |   Perc




Episode 1 of The AM Archives premieres on Luminary.


Boy’s Normal by Daniel Brouns is out on all platforms.


EP from Far Places, Out of Touch release announced for Friday, August 10th.



Cast recording for Episode 50 of The Bright Sessions (musical episode) hits #57 on iTunes soundtrack charts. (Reviews)